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Notary Services

A Notary Public is an individual who meets state requirements and obtains a commission from that state to verify the authenticity of signatures and signors on many types of documents.

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Notary Public

Edel Notary is document signing service that specializes in many types of documents in South Florida. We are able to notarize ANY document that requires a witness.



Edel Notary is there for you. Our certified notaries will come to your office, home, hospital room, coffee shop, airport terminal—wherever you may be. The process is quick and painless. 



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Edel Notary Public

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What to expect …

Let us know the type of documents you will need notarized, amount of pages, location (town or city),  number of persons signing and attending, and if a rush appointments is needed.

Rush appointments are scheduled less than 12 hours from the call back.

Call back …

The notary will contact you to confirm the information provided. Once verification is complete then we will provide the cost. If you are in agreement with the cost,  we will then schedule an appointment with a location, date, and time. 

The notary will contact you 24hrs before the appointment to confirm. 

What are the fees …

The fee is based upon the type of document, amount of pages, and the distance the notary will have to travel  to get to the meeting location, and if  you need a rush appointment.

All charges are discusses on the call back. There are no hidden fees!

Requirements …

Please keep in mind:

• The signer needs to be present;

• The document can not be incomplete or blank;

•the signer needs to be of sound mind;

• The notary needs to personally know the signer or the signer needs to produce acceptable identification;

• The signer needs to speak English or have someone available to translate the document into a language the signer understands.

We will refuse to perform a notarization when:

• The notary believes that the signer is being coerced or does not understand the consequences of signing the document;

• The signer appears to be drunk, sedated, or disoriented;

• The notary knows or suspects that the transaction is illegal, false, or deceptive. the signer is a minor

• The notary is busy with other work or activities;

• The notary would be inconvenienced;

• The notary is sick;

• The notary is not comfortable with the request;

• The document is written in a foreign language.

Where can I find Notary forms …

The following link provided for your convenience of FLORIDA-specific notarial certificates and forms.

Notary Forms

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We’re Mobile

Let the Notary Come to You!

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